Our pig world

Pigs, piggies and piglets.

We like pigs and everything related to it. Pigs are amazing, intelligent, beautiful creatures, very similar to people in many means. And, by the way, even much better than people in a lot of life situations. They are active and playful, they like cleanness, are great parents, are able to feel emotions, love and fear. A pig is a mirror for human beings, reflecting them in a best possible light.

Do not believe the common pig myths. Take your time and go learn something about piggies. You will find out, that the opposite is true, contrary to popular beliefs. And maybe you will fall in love with these smart, cleanly, warm-hearted and grateful beings just like we did. Whether it’s a lovely pink piglet running around you with surprising speed, or a large bushy wild boar far out in the woods, they deserve our respect, admiration and protection.

Our pig designs needn’t to be tied to a particular eating habits or other lifestyle. In our store, everyone who likes piggies is welcome and it can be anyone, regardless of age, education, employment, religious or other preferences or beliefs. The pig love is universal. After all, the pigs themselves do not destinguish among such insignificant attributes of humans. What is important is that you are a good person and you like them.

Our store aims to offer the most beautiful and most interesting pig designs. We want to bring you pigs expressing your true feelings so that you can choose the right piggy for yourself. At the moment, we are starting with T-shirts as the basic most desirable carrier for the pig, but in the future we are considering covering also other products.

A pig T-shirt is a good choice for casual wear, for every occasion, you just have to choose the right design. Take a pig T-shirt to school, to work, a theater, a date, a trip, a concert – if you customize your pig choice, you’ll always look tasteful, modern and timeless. In addition, you will let the others know that the pigs are here with us and they are part of our world.